ORIB™ Report

Evidence-based care planning
Evdance-Based Care Planning Backed by Data

Evidence-Based Care PlanningBacked by Data

Using advanced statistics and predictive modeling algorithms that analyze and grade the interventions used during care.

Top 10 Outcome Ranked Interventions

Improve ADL OutcomesTop 10 Outcome Ranked Interventions

Only interventions with ADL outcomes ranking higher than 60% and have been utilized more than 10 times make it to the recommended list of interventions.

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1. Patient's start of care ADL score (0-30)
2. Clinical Group (A-L)
3. Age
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Add confidence and consistancy to your care planning

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Send an email with a subject line that contains:
- Patient's Start of Care ADL Score (0-30)
- Clinical Group (A-L)
- Age
- Agency assigned pin

Example: Subject: 15, H, 65, 1234


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Add CONFIDENCE & Consistency to your Patient Care Plans.

  • Evidence-Based Car Planning
  • Improve Patient Confidence
  • Improved Caregiver Confidence
  • Easily Integrates into Agency QAPI Program
  • Improve Agency CMS Rating
  • Improve Agency Confidence

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Achieve Powerful Results by Listening to The Data

Driven by RiverSoft's proprietary tool called the Outcome Ranked Interventions Factory.

RiverSoft's proprietary Outcome Ranked Interventions Factory collects OASIS data from our patient network and identifies pathways that resulted in desired outcomes. We then process that data model with our proprietary algorithm to produce our statistical best of the best list.

Not every intervention will make it on the ORIB™ Report. In fact, only interventions with ADL outcomes in the top 60% and have been utilized more than 10 times will even make the initial cut.

Fewer than 6% of all interventions make the final list of Outcome Ranked Interventions.

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