ELVIS Privacy Policy

What Information does ELVIS collect?
ELVIS collects a record of your GPS Location during visits.

What does ELVIS do with this information?
ELVIS will forward this record to your employer's server (specified by the IP and Port on the log-in page).

How does ELVIS protect this information?
ELVIS uses encryption to transmit your GPS Records.
When ELVIS turns off, all GPS records are lost.
Does ELVIS disclose this information to any other companies?
No, ELVIS does not disclose this information to anyone besides your employer.

ELVIS Privacy Policy Only
This Privacy Policy applies only to your usage of the ELVIS application and not to information collected by other Riversoft services.

Your Consent
By Signing into this application, you consent to the above specified usage of your information.

Changes to ELVIS Privacy Policy
Changes to ELVIS Privacy Policy will be shown on this page.

For any questions regarding the privacy policy or this software, contact us at:
Email: Help@riversoft.net
WebSite: https://riversoft.net/Contact.html